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Sunday, 5 August 2012

Exploring Foodie France: Chez Janou, Paris

Chez Janou is a restaurant in central Paris which could easily fall into the category of 'tourist trap' but somehow doesn't. It has all the makings of a slightly gimmicky, tourist-friendly spot. The location, for one, makes it easy to find and equally easy to stumble upon. In the 3rd arrondissement, the tiny street-corner restaurant sits a mere stone's throw from the famous Place de Vosges and its historic surroundings, including the Victor Hugo museum. Previous visitors to this area, which is of course exquisitely beautiful and a must-see for tourists, will know that bordering the place are galleries, shops and restaurants, all with top-notch views from the ancient cloisters to the garden and fountains (and price tags to match). Chez Janou, although only one street away on rue Roger Verlomme, effortlessly escapes the faux glamour and inflated prices of its neighbours around the corner and offers a quaint bar, terrace and restaurant serving good quality French and Provençal cuisine and an impressive Pastis menu.

Sunday, 15 April 2012

Review: Cambridge Places - Sunday Lunch at the Clarendon Arms

I haven't spent many weekends in Cambridge recently so to remind myself how much I love living in the city I've decided to revisit my favourite places. Unsurprisingly, foodie and arty places feature fairly prominently on my list of things worthy of dedicating a whole Saturday or Sunday to. So where better to start than with a delicious Sunday lunch at a Cambridge pub, followed by an afternoon of coffee, chocolate shopping, and lazy browsing in an intriguing contemporary art gallery.
Roast Beef

Saturday, 18 February 2012

London Fashion Week Begins!

I've been incredibly busy over the last few weeks but this weekend I'm mainly relaxing, eating neuhaus chocolates from a big red heart-shaped box kindly bought for me on Valentine's Day by my lovely fiance, and following snippets of news about what's going down at this year's London Fashion Week.

Here are my favourite blogs on the subject:



And, of course: London Fashion Week Daily

So far I'm really impressed by the Autumn/Winter 2012 offerings from Felder Felder and Antoni & Alison. Mainly loving the continuation of camels/beiges/gold colour palettes, with British, Aztec and geometric twists. The painted fabrics and quirky embellishments appearing in Antoni & Alison's collection of statement dresses look amazing! Ready to Wear is where it's at!

I'm also looking forward to seeing more from my old favourite Jasper Conran and from my more recent must-have designer, House of Holland. I'll keep you posted!

Enjoy! :-)