The Moving Foodie Blog is written by me, Heidi White, a food blogger, events organiser, and freelance marketing type based in Cambridge UK. My blog originated from my love of home cooking with local, seasonal food; eating out; and travel. I started The Moving Foodie Blog in 2010 as a place to write about trying new food and travelling to new places to eat food - hence the name - but soon got so stuck into the Cambridge food scene that I found little time to travel...

I love to cook and have a constant urge to write about food and document my recipes and experiences. The Blog is a place to share my recipes, family food tips, and culinary triumphs while feeding a hungry toddler. In my spare time I love eating out and tracking down new restaurants and food trends, so you can expect to see a few reviews on the Blog now and again too. I also organise Eat Cambridge, the city's annual food festival taking place every May. In September 2015, I won the Food Hero award at the Cambridge Food and Drink Awards for my contribution to the, then fledgling, Cambridge food and drink scene.

Food is my work as well as my hobby. In 2014 I founded foodPark, the Cambridge street food collective which provides trading opportunities to the best mobile street food businesses in the area. foodPark operates weekly street food lunch markets and pop-up night markets throughout the year. I am incredibly lucky to have turned my hobby and passion for street food into a career, but being a business owner and full-time mum requires a lot of juggling!

I hope you enjoy my food. Thanks for reading!

Heidi x

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