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Monday, 24 October 2011

Recipe: Autumn Sausage Stew

What do you do when your parents donate a stack load of locally sourced vegetables to your groceries? Chuck them all in a pot with some big fat Cumberland sausages, herbs, chilli and chopped tomatoes and simmer. Or if, like me, you need a recipe to follow, see below for more details.

Autumn Sausage Stew

You'll need:

Olive oil
Bacon, chopped finely with fat on
Chopped onion
Crushed garlic (according to taste - I used 3 small cloves)
Diced red chilli
Chopped spring onion (according to your taste - I used 1, all of the white and some of the green bit)
Cumberland or other flavoursome sausages, allow 3 per person
1 large carrot, sliced
2 parsnips, large cubes
Chopped tinned tomatoes
Beef stock cube and approx. 400ml of hot water
Salt & pepper
Caraway seeds
Herbes de Provence
Tomato puree
Small tin of cannellini beans, drained and rinsed
Butternut squash, sliced and roasted in a little oil

1. Gently fry the garlic, onion, spring onion and chilli in olive oil in a big stock pot.

2. When softened, add the sausages and fry until the skin turns golden-brown.

3. Add the carrot and parsnip and fry for a few minutes, until onion etc is turning dark gold.
4. Add a tin of chopped tomatoes (400ml), followed by a few squeezes of tomato puree and then season and add herbs/seeds, to taste. Stir well.

5. Top up with stock made with beef stock cube and hot water until the veg is covered with liquid. Stir well and cover the pot with a lid and leave to simmer.

6. Meanwhile, peel and slice some butternut squash into wedges and roast in an oven at 180 degrees with a little olive oil. Turn halfway through cooking - should take about 30 minutes for them to be cooked through and nicely browning at the edges.

7. Simmer the stew for as long as you like, stirring occasionally and ensuring the vegetables don't get too mushy! I cooked it for about 1 hr, before removing the lid and adding the beans.

8. When the stew starts to thicken, add the roasted butternut squash and stir through. Most liquid should be absorbed, leaving a thick sauce and moist sausages and vegetables. Serve with some chopped chives and extra seasoning if required.

We had this stew with some stuffing balls - red onion, pepper and sage flavour goes well. You could also try it with some french stick or mashed potato if you're really hungry! ;-)

A yummy comfort food dish for a chilly autumn evening. Photo to follow...

Enjoy! :-)