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Thursday, 2 August 2012

Article: A new WI for Cambridge

I scribbled down a few notes on my bus journey home yesterday evening about what the Women's Institute (the WI) means to me and how my generation has been brought up to perceive the national club. Considering my limited knowledge and stereotypical perceptions of what goes on at said groups' meetings, I was rather surprised to find myself excitedly jotting down ideas after attending my first social organised by the new Cambridge City WI and even more pleasantly surprised to find out what the new group has in store for its potential members.

Sunday, 29 July 2012

Party Food: A Summer Cream Tea and Sizzling Burger Bar

I've been frantically planning, buying and baking for the last few days to prepare some homemade treats to accompany an afternoon cream tea and garden party followed by an evening barbeque to celebrate my parents' ruby wedding anniversary. I've already shared my recipes for Champagne Cupcakes and Fraisier aux Biscuits Roses on the Blog, which we served alongside some delicious scones made by my two sisters and an incredible afternoon tea-themed cake created by Best Friend Jess...