Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Eat Cambridge #CharityBrunch ~ Saturday 19 October 2013

I know what's getting me out of bed this weekend and I'm rather excited about it. This Saturday - rather than waking up and realising we haven't been food shopping yet so breakfast is either dry cereal or, at a push, a boiled egg - I'm snapping up the opportunity to eat my breakfast from Steak and Honour's amazing street food wagon. A burger for dinner from Steak and Honour is fantastic enough; a cheeky cheese burger on a Saturday afternoon is always a nice treat; but, a Steak and Honour burger for breakfast? Yes please! 

This rather special one-off 'Breakfast Burger' by Steak and Honour - components to be revealed, but surely some fabulous local bacon must be involved! - is part of a charity brunch hosted by Eat Cambridge, this Saturday from 10am at The Free Press pub. Other foodie treats featuring on the line-up include the Free Press's famous Bloody Mary (the recipe is a closely guarded secret but I can vouch for the cocktail's, ahem, rejuvenating qualities on a Saturday morning), a selection of goodies by local baker and supper club host Miss Igs (word on the street is that cinnamon, banana and chocolate are involved!), and some intriguing nibbles kindly donated by a gourmet snack company. You'll have to come along to discover the full foodie line-up for yourself... Think of it as the ultimate Saturday brunch to kick start the rest of the weekend; an opportunity not to be missed; an excuse to drink booze and eat burgers before midday (as if you need one where Steak and Honour is involved!).

The ticket price of £12.50 for this unique and tasty line-up is a bit of a bargain, too, especially considering that each ticket includes a donation to local charity, Wintercomfort. The charity's Wake Up campaign (coinciding with World Homelessness Day and seeing groups all over the county hosting their own fundraising breakfast events) aims to raise money and awareness for Wintercomfort's incredible work to support homeless and vulnerably housed people in Cambridge. We may take our ability to spend over a tenner on breakfast for granted but Wintercomfort is helping people every day, right on our doorsteps, who struggle to provide themselves with a daily hot meal and other basic essentials. Eat Cambridge is donating at least £2 per ticket to the charity (that's a cooked breakfast for a rough sleeper in the city) and I'm supporting the cause on a personal level too; in a past life I was hugely affected by issues surrounding homelessness and the cause remains close to my heart even though I've been fortunate enough to put that part of my life behind me. I don't usually use The Moving Foodie Blog to champion personal or political causes but it would mean a lot to see many of you supporting this one on Saturday.

Now you know all about it, how could you resist?? Time to get booking!

Find out more here and visit The Free Press pub or call Eat Cambridge on 07967566730 by Friday to book tickets. First come, first served so don't delay!