Friday, 3 August 2012

Recipe: Lemon & Prosecco Ice Cubes

Remember when the weather was gloriously sunny and hot and the Cambridge skies were clear and blue for hours, days even, on end? If you can't recall, it was a couple of weeks ago and I was playing around with some decadent Champagne recipes such as Champagne Cupcakes and Prosecco Jelly. In keeping with the beautiful summer weather, I used the leftover Prosecco to make some ice cubes for cold drinks and cocktails to enjoy whilst sunbathing!

To create my Lemon and Prosecco ice cubes I simply mixed some chilled Prosecco with the juice of half a lemon, poured the liquid into a mini ice cube tray and popped into the freezer. The resulting light gold ice cubes are really pretty and add a sparkling touch to a simple cocktail.


I used a handful of the ice cubes in a deliciously sour gin and lime cocktail. Squeeze the juice of two ripe limes, mix well with a couple of shots of gin and serve in a martini glass with some Lemon and Prosecco ice cubes, to taste. 

Enjoy! :-)