Friday, 2 May 2014

This Week's Lunch... Dumplings at Cafe Oriental

Ooh hello there, twelve juicy fried dumplings of delicately spiced and seasoned chicken and oriental vegetable. What a welcome surprise to find a takeaway Dumpling Bar tucked away in a row of slightly hit and miss eateries on Burleigh Street. As Eat Cambridge approaches my lunch breaks seem to be filled with admin rather than foodie adventures so this week's lunch was a convenient takeaway box of delicious dumplings from Cafe Oriental Dumpling Bar, whipped up in 10 minutes and served simply with a chilli dipping sauce and a pair of chopsticks. Fast and filling, for just £4.90. 

We recommend overlooking the hoards enjoying dubious Full English breakfasts and head straight to the counter for an order of these bad boys....

Cafe Oriental
9 Burleigh Street
Cambridge CB1 1JA

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