Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Ask the Foodie: Where to find the best value fine dining menus in Cambridge?

For my monthly food column in Cambridge Edition magazine, Ask the Foodie, I find the best value fine dining options in Cambridge... 

Q) Where can we find the best value fine dining menus in Cambridgeshire?

A) Now there’s a question. Regular readers of my restaurant reviews will know that my huge affection for fine food and wine doesn’t always match my modest budget. But as long as the tasting menu matches its flight of wine, I’m determined to find a way to afford it...

Monday, 23 March 2015

Ask the Foodie: How does one survive the 'hungry gap' in Cambridge?

Image credit: Cambridge Edition

My Ask the Foodie column for Cambridge Edition this month provides a guide to surviving the 'hungry gap' in Cambridge...

Q). How does one survive the “hungry gap” in Cambridge?

A). For the keen gardeners and seasonal eaters amongst us, the month of March spells an empty veg patch and dwindling winter food stores; the hungry gap between the last hardy brassicas of the winter and the first new season broad beans of spring. I applaud you - it’s certainly a challenge to continue eating with the seasons this month, but a very tasty one. Bridge the gap by seeking out the very best local produce you can find, and maybe even forage for your own seasonal treats too. 

This Week's Lunch... Super Salads at Espresso Library

YES. I have been waiting for a good lunch spot that doesn't serve everything between slices of bread, and Espresso Library is it. The new cafe ticks many boxes: spacious, sunny, good coffee, gorgeous furniture, and a delicious food menu which includes healthy salad and juice options. If you don't get swayed by the equally tempting open sandwiches and "on-toast" options (ooh, and CAKES), I recommend heading straight for the counter to pick up a virtuous juice and a vibrant super food salad bursting with colour and, YIPPEE, flavour. The butternut squash and broccoli salad I tucked into on my last lunch visit was fresh, filling, and very nicely dressed (seeds, sesame - always a good combo), and around a fiver. 

Visit: Espresso Library at 210 East Road, Cambridge CB1 1BH 


Saturday, 20 December 2014

Photo Post: foodPark at The North Pole

We're spending a lot of time outside doing the street food thing this winter, mostly at foodPark's amazing winter pop-up on Parker's Piece - right in the city centre and next to the beautiful ice rink that's visiting Cambridge for a few weeks. If you haven't already popped along to eat from one of the fantastic selection of street food traders or to grab a drink from our stunning foodPark Bar, you really must find the time this Christmas. This kind of thing doesn't pop up in the heart of Cambridge very often... 

Visit the foodPark website to find full details, opening hours and trader line-ups.