Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Review: The Mermaid, Ellington

There's a quirky little place called The Mermaid in the Cambridgeshire village of Ellington. The Mermaid's owners call the village 'quintessentially English' and refer to the beloved family-run pub restaurant as 'a truly beautiful 14th century public house', one which they have painstakingly renovated to restore the charming historic building to its former glory. And glorious it is. The old public house takes pride of place on the main street through the beautifully quaint village of Ellington. The front door sits open and a warm welcoming interior draws you in; all wooden floorboards and original beams (brought to the village hundreds of years before from a ship called The Mermaid), reminiscent of a cosy old tavern. There are magical touches, little glass bottles, a well-stocked bar, comfy corners, and sparkling candles and exposed light bulbs. It's pirate ship chic, and we instantly loved it.

Sunday, 7 August 2016

Review: Old Bicycle Shop, Cambridge

There's another new Cambridge spot vying for our attention: the Old Bicycle Shop, a nice little bar and restaurant on Regent Street. It's a versatile place - we've found ourselves there for brunch, late lunch, and drinks on different occasions - and nicely put together, with a completely different feel to its sister pub The Cambridge Brew House on King Street. More importantly, there's food...

Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Review: Sticks 'n' Sushi, Cambridge

There's a welcome new addition to the increasingly foodie quarter of Cambridge - the cluster of restaurants behind the Market Square stretching from Peas Hill to Kings Parade - and it has just elevated the city's sushi wars to new heights. For here sits the newly opened Sticks 'n' Sushi, a swish sushi restaurant occupying a gorgeous old council building known as the Old Reading Room. Flanked by Jamie's on one side and a stone's throw from the ever-popular Pint Shop, Sticks 'n' Sushi has landed in exactly the right spot at precisely the right time. It is good. Interiors and service are slick. And it feels like it has been here forever.

Sunday, 19 June 2016

Review: Darsham Nurseries Cafe

The cafe at Darsham Nurseries is what every garden centre ever visited is crying out for. Like the beautiful nurseries in which it sits, the cafe is no ordinary lunch spot - although one would be forgiven for assuming it might be, given its location directly off the A12 by Darsham's level crossing. The cafe is, in fact, a delightful space that feels like the heart of Darsham Nurseries; a very special place creating very special plates of food.

Monday, 13 June 2016

Review: The Leaping Hare, Wyken Vineyards

Tucked away in lush Suffolk countryside just outside Bury St Edmunds is the delightful rural estate of Wyken. Complete with idyllic gardens, meadows, and row upon row of impeccably kept vines neatly spanning seven acres of gently sloping south facing vineyards, Wyken is the kind of place you imagine being forever bathed in dappled sunshine with the hum of summer in the air. This is how we found it on our visit to the vineyard's restaurant, The Leaping Hare, for a spot of lunch and a taste of the vineyard's award-winning English wines. We didn't want to leave.